Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 9:15 pm


To be part of something, part of other peoples world


We all live lives

Spokes in wheels on roads

The world has been infiltrated and they say it’s a conspiracy.

Emotion, compassion, connection, these things are dying out.

Surely singularity is near and those of us not willing to sacrifice the beauty of error and emotional folly will be phased out.

The day is coming, just look at your life, do you feel lost, or alone, not able to understand the motives of those around you, are you looked at as irrational by those that claim to love you yet need you to be washed of basic interactions of fealty, are you seen as too emotional and ridiculous, do you find yourself lost in the web of logic when it comes to your emotions and what is rational?

We are the remnants of the old world, pure in a way yet unclean to the new world.

Don’t drink their water, or eat the food, stand up

If you are reading this, know that there are others, we live and are as isolated as you

Stay true and strong


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