Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 3:37 pm



This was the first year that your death date came and went, that I did not pause, that I forgot – Mamo, I have finally moved on with only your light in my heart, love is all that remains. This exile has been ages.

There was never a child that loved her mother more than I. Your gravity kept me for so long that now as I float away I can see what a gift of light you are, I see you as a supernova, traveling to the ends of all that is, free of the orbit you held when I was yours.

I am taken back that your death has finally released me; it’s as if I slept though it and no longer have to get up for it, remarkable.

I stopped running too. So many moves and places, so much art and solitude despite all the scenery, but I stopped and have a home once again, you live here too. Mamo, my heart is full as I can see all the love I’ve lived, even in my life away from the world, this love lives free of the people and faces. I bled out all the poison on the Altar and asked to pay my debt to life; this is no longer an exile, it is freedom.  The blood drained and dried and went to the winds. I am still alone, yes, but I am not lonely.

Forever your child-

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